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Grow The Bone fulfills a nutritional craving, while providing all of the necessary vitamins, fiber, fat, and carbs that a herd needs to reach its potential. Here are some tips to help Hold more deer on your property:

  • Utilized by Bucks, Does, and Fawns all year long
  • Use GTB to create a sanctuary on your property…create a low pressure feed location for whitetail in your area to browse and bed without pressure during the year
  • Use GTB in a feeding program to create a primary food source. From that point then use our blocks to help manipulate travel patterns to and from their bedding areas
  • A feeding program guarantees traffic to your hunting grounds
  • 6 300lbs of corn when mixing in a feeder
  • 25lbs of Top Score Corn per feed site, topped with 3lbs of GTB (when placed on ground)
  • 3x-4x more trail cam photos…This means the deer are associating this feed site as a primary food source
  • Use blocks as a Secondary feed site between Granular and bedding area to help manipulate whitetail travel patterns

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