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Grow the Bone is an all in one supplemental feed that is specially blended to produce healthier deer and bigger bucks. This product can be utilized by bucks and does year round. Every manager/hunter has different goals in mind. This will greatly influence how our product is used. For the person who wants to hold and grow the biggest bucks possible, Grow the Bone feeding sites should be in place year round. This will ensure maximum intake by the deer and maximum results. Remember it’s just as important for your does to have free access to proper nutrition as your bucks. Healthy does produce healthy fawns. The nutritional aspect of Grow the Bone is quite evident when the mother starts lactating. You want to see a big change in your deer herd? Start the buck fawns off right! A year round feeding program will provide dramatic results in the years to come.

Deer are creatures of habit, they have a routine. A feeding program guarantees traffic to your hunting grounds. The deer will find the product wherever you put it out but choosing a feeding site that the deer frequent most works best. Remember to pick a spot that you can access without disturbing the deer and DO NOT place it close to bedding areas. You are going to want to run trail cameras over the product and you don’t want to push your deer out of the area every time you check your camera or freshen up the food.

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