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For use as an attractant and for those who can’t keep a food site up year round, you can use smaller portions. Grow the Bone is best used in 2-3 lb portions (the size of a coffee can). We recommend placing this heaping mound of attractant out a couple days prior to your hunt to ensure traffic to your stand. However, this is not necessary. Even on your first application deer will not be alarmed by the product. If they smell it, they will eat it.

  • When pouring Grow The Bone Granular onto the ground, pour into Two or Three Piles so the whole herd can eat at once
  • When using the Block at an established feed site…place off to the side approx. 10 yards from main site
  • Never use a feeder over 300lbs when using just Grow The Bone, plastic works better then some metals…Grow The Bone is a very fine granular
  • 6lbs to 300lbs of corn when mixing in a feeder
  • Place Camera at hip height facing feed site to inventory animals
  • 25lbs of Top Score Corn per feed site, topped with 3lbs of GTB (when placed on ground)
  • 3x-4x more trail cam photos…This means the deer are associating this feed site as a primary food source
  • Use blocks as a Secondary feed site between Granular and bedding area to help manipulate whitetail travel patterns

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