We have one goal. Produce the most digestible all in one supplemental feed on the market! We took a scientific approach to creating this Revolutionary feed. Grow the Bone has been extensively tested across the country. A whitetail deer is an animal that is vulnerable to predators. God has given these animal’s very keen senses. Our product makes their most powerful sense, their greatest weakness… their sense of smell. Once your herd discovers Grow the Bone they will frequent your hunting grounds as often as there is product out to eat. Here are some reasons why Grow the Bone has been creating a buzz in the Industry

Grow The Bone™ All-In-One Premium Feed

25lb Bag Specifications & Details

  • 80% digestible with the “Right,” trace minerals for maximum absorption into animal’s system
  • Speeds up recuperative and healing rates allowing for quicker recovery from the strenuous rut
  • Special ingredients to aid in pedicle repair and growth
  • Totally safe – Tested by the country’s top animal feed chemists and biologists
  • All natural. No hormones or steroids
  • Draws deer to your property…It will Hold them and grow them
  • Very low corn and salt content. Compare that to our competitors
  • Helps even the small property manager optimize their management and hunting goals.
  • From filling your tag, to use as a supplement, this product does it all!
  • 20 years of proven real world results. Grow the Bone has been a trade secret of Professional outfitters, game managers, and hunters

Grow The Bone™ Deer Block

25lb Block Specifications & Details

  • Multiple sources of protein to ensure optimal amino acids are met. It also allows the block the ability to be desired in any reign of the country since multiple protein sources are being used.
  • Same sweetener and attractant used in our Grow The Bone Deer Granular
  • Fast effective way to establish a feed site
  • 100% nutritious block… 70 % digestibility
  • Will provide sufficient attraction and nutrition
  • Binders held to an absolute minimum
  • Less trips to your feed sites means less scent left in the woods
  • 21% protein highly digestible
  • Contains all necessary micro nutrients and necessary vitamins
  • Function of the block is the ability to be a portable feeder that would provide all necessary elements for health and overall bone development

Our product has many crucial vitamins, minerals, and digestible proteins which simply aren’t found in the Industry. Please browse our site to get recommendations on use. Please keep in mind that every deer you see on our website is the end result of using Grow the Bone.

There are some states that allow feeding during the year but prohibit it during hunting season. We strongly urge you to check with your local game commission to ensure that a supplemental feed program is legal in your state

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