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What type of feeder would you recommend?

​We recommend a free choice gravity feeder. This type of feeder will deliver Grow the Bone without failure.  Free choice gravity feeders allow for maximum consumption.  Maximum consumption equals maximum results. If you cannot afford a gravity feeder, learn how to build your own by watching our “Use it to feed” video on our homepage.

Do I have to be concerned about Grow the Bone getting wet?

​If whitetail deer have already been exposed to Grow the Bone, a passing shower will not greatly affect the attractant. However, if you are using Grow the Bone on new property and there is a heavy rain, the product can spoil. For maximum scent and flavor transfer, very little water resistance was built into Grow the Bone. Make sure you pay attention to the weather forecast before using this attractant.

Where is the best place to put my feeders?

​Great care should be taken when selecting a feeder location. Select a site that you can access without disturbing your deer. Avoid accessing your feeder where bedding areas will be disturbed. Travel to and from your feeder site like you would access your tree stand.  Prime spots for feeder locations are natural staging areas between bedding areas and final destination spots, like agricultural fields and food plots. This will encourage deer to visit the feed site during daylight hours.

Can GTB be mixed in with my current feed?

​Yes. Adding Grow the Bone to your current feed Corn/Pellets will greatly increase the consumption rate of your feed. We also recommend the use of a trail camera at your feed sites. This is a great way to inventory your deer herd.

How much Grow the Bone should I add to my current feed?

​For attraction purposes, we recommend adding Grow the Bone at a rate of 6lbs per 300lbs of Corn or Pellets.

For increased herd health and antler growth, we recommend using Grow the Bone at a rate of 6lbs to 25lbs of Corn and 6lbs of Grow the Bone to 150lbs of Pellets.

Will Grow the Bone work where I live?

​Yes. Grow the Bone is made from all natural ingredients and attractants. If you have whitetail deer where you live, Grow the Bone will work as described.  Grow the Bone has been extensively tested from Mexico to Canada with outstanding results. However, if baiting is considered illegal in your state, then you cannot use Grow the Bone deer attractant. If you are unsure of the rules in your area, please contact your local state game and wildlife office for the rules in your area.

How can I use Grow the Bone to fill my tag?

​How you use Grow the Bone to fill your tag is only limited by your own creativity. However, we have found several methods that are tried and true. 

Method A. If you are using Grow the Bone in your feeders…

Grow the Bone will concentrate your deer in close proximity to your feeder sites. In early season, your bigger bucks will dominate your feeder sites. This is a great way to inventory your deer herd and start a hit list for the upcoming season. You can hunt directly over your feed sites at this time of year.

As the rut approaches, the bucks will split up and start cruising for the first hot does of the season. Your trail cameras will show that the feed sites will now be dominated by does and younger bucks. At this time of year and throughout the rut, hunt down wind of your deer feeders.  The bigger bucks will be cruising downwind, scent checking these feed sites for hot does.  Put out about 1 to 2lbs of Grow the Bone in a heaping pile in front of your new stand site right where you want your buck to stop.  A deadly tactic at this setup is to call and or rattle late morning when the biggest bucks are on their feet.

Late season when the rut is tapering off, check your trail cameras for your big bucks returning to the feeders. The bucks’ bodies will be craving the vitamins and nutrients in Grow the Bone this time of year. This is a great time to hunt the travel trails between the bedding areas and the feed sites. In some cases, you can actually start setting up directly on the feeders again. The bucks keep their movement to a minimum this time of year.  They will spend a great deal of time eating at the feeders once they arrive.  The bucks may not be bedded too far from the feeders, so be careful accessing your stands.

Method B. If you are not using Grow the Bone in a feeder, you can still be very successful…

If possible, pre-bait your hunting location several days to a week in advance. This will allow the deer to key in on the Grow the Bone. Just freshen up the site the day of the hunt.  If you can’t pre-bait your hunting area, that’s okay. The deer will be attracted to and eat the product the first time they encounter it.  We recommend putting out several heaping piles about 1 to 2lbs in size where you want the deer to stop for a shot. Select a stand site where deer come to feed naturally. A group of hardwood trees or an isolated feeding area works great. This is a natural place for deer to stage and eat.  They are most comfortable here and they are looking to feed in these areas.  Deer typically reach these areas before dark and stage there until venturing out in open feeding areas after dark. This is also a great place to intercept the deer coming back to bed in the mornings.

What time of year should I use Grow the Bone?

​We recommend using Grow the Bone as a part of your year round management plan. Feeding Grow the Bone to your does when they are pregnant and nursing is just as important to your herd’s health as feeding it to your bucks when they are growing their horns. You will be amazed at the jump in the antler size of your young bucks by doing this.

Grow the Bone can also be used as an attractant during the season or before a hunt, to help attract whitetail deer directly to your tree stand or ground blind. Just make sure to put Grow the Bone out a few days prior to your hunt, so that the deer become exposed to the product and keep coming back for more!

Will Grow the Bone help me hold more deer on my property?

​Yes. Grow the Bone will draw more deer to your property; it will hold them there, grow them bigger and help you harvest them.

I hunt on public property, can I still use Grow the Bone?

​Yes! Grow the Bone deer attractant can be the competitive advantage that you need when hunting on public grounds. This product will pull deer in so you can get the perfect shot off.

How long has Grow the Bone been getting results?

​Grow the Bone was developed over 15 years ago. It has been used exclusively by some of the top outfitters and guides in the country during this time.  It was released to the public for the first time in 2011.

How sensitive is a deer’s sense of smell?

​Deer have up to 297 million olfactory receptors in the nose, plus a vomeronasal organ which also detects scents and odors inside of their mouth. As a comparison, dogs have up to 220 million olfactory receptors in the nose, plus a vomeronasal organ. Humans only have up to 5 million olfactory receptors in the nose, and no vomeronasal organ.

What is a deer’s home range?

​Deer have a home range just large enough to meet all of their needs. Traveling long distances is bad for their survival (they burn excessive energy and increase exposure to predators). When the deer habitat provides their food needs, deer will be satisfied with as little as 20-30 acres.

Can I buy Grow the Bone deer attractant and deer feed supplement in a retail store?

​We have very limited representation in retail stores because we believe in the power of the Internet.  With the cost of gas today, it costs $5 or more just to drive to the store!  We invested heavily in our Internet Model so that we can provide you with the most cost efficient way for you to get our product.  One click and it is on your doorstep in 3-5 days, no matter where you are in the USA.  To keep GTB affordable to the hunter we are subsidizng shipping costs by 30-70% depending on the size of the order! We are Changing the Game.

Our product has many crucial vitamins, minerals, and digestible proteins which simply aren't found within the Industry. Please browse our site to get recommendations on use.

  1. 80% digestible... We lead the industry! Grow the Bone's formula is a patented, scientifically proven formula that utilizes the right trace minerals and protein (21%) for maximum absorption into the animal's ruminant digestive tract
  2. 15 years of proven real world results. Grow the Bone has been a trade secret of professional outfitters, game managers, and hunters
  3. Very low corn and salt content.
  4. Speeds up recuperative and healing rates allowing for quicker recovery from the strenuous rut.
  5. Special ingredients to aid in pedicle repair and growth.
  6. Totally safe with proven results – Tested by the country’s top animal feed chemists and biologists.
  7. All natural.
  8. Draws deer to your property - It will Hold them and Grow them.
  9. Helps even the small property manager optimize their management and hunting goals. Testimonials from the pros.
  10. From filling your tag, to use as a supplement, this product does it all.
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