How big is your property?

2-150 Acres

We recommend 1700lbs of granular 10 blocks

150-500 Acres

We recommend 3000lbs 10 blocks

500+ Acres

We recommend 3000lbs and blocks as needed.

***GTB recommends that you visit QDMA or Whitetails Unlimited to gain a better handle of your buck to do ratio. The recipe for success is age, genetics, and nutrition. If you take care of the first two we promise to be the only feed you need when it comes to nutrition. We are laying out the ideal amount of food for the higher end of all examples. It is important to feed year round. We need to ensure that through the winter months that our big bucks who are run down from the rut heading into winter can have access to a highly digestible, nutritious feed to restore energy levels, help recover from injuries, and begin antler development. Our does are pregnant and will be craving vitamins and minerals. It is important to introduce a highly nutritious feed at this time…You can lighten your presence of GTB once you see the area start to green and other sources are available. At this point you can use the block to help aid in nutrition…GTB can we cut at a rate of 1:1 with corn and 1 (gtb):3 (protein pellet). We want to feed heavily again the last 8 weeks before antlers harden in your area. At this point your herd will be greatly benefiting from your winter program and will be ready to send nutrition and energy to antler growth…Below is a rough idea on where to start for your management plan…for plans over 500 plus acres it gets even trickier to lay out a blind plan…however we can customize a more detailed management plan for a small fee. See our Land Consultation page…We recommend feeding GTB in a Boss Buck Feeder. They hands down are the best feeders out there.