"We strongly believe in the products we have developed. Customers state that our innovation and dedication to results have made Grow the Bone the most powerful and effective all round product on the market. This strategy is quickly making Grow the Bone the most sought after whitetail product in the Industry.  We strongly believe in proper herd management and feel blessed to be stewards of God’s gift of the great outdoors."

Brian Mallan

Brian Mallan // Partner

​I have been an avid outdoorsman since I was a child. A trip to Alaska in my early twenties sparked a passion in me to pursue a career in the Outdoor Industry. I graduated from Kings College located in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in Marketing. I am a certified level II Deer Steward from Quality Deer Management Association. Proper herd management, habitat management, and supplemental feeding provide the foundation for a healthier herd, bigger bucks, and better camp stories. I spend as much time as I can bow hunting, bass fishing, or skiing. If you have any questions or need advice regarding your supplemental feeding program I am only an email away. Live the Life you Love to Live!
Buck Mallan

Buck Mallan // Partner

​I have spent the last 40 years hunting and fishing in the Northeast. Most of my hunting was done on my own property and neighboring farms. This gives me a great respect for the outdoors and our Industry. I look forward all year to seeing that sun rise over a beautiful field with my favorite rifle in my hands. Grow the Bone has made my time in the woods more productive and enjoyable. It's not just about shooting big whitetail deer, but watching them reach their potential. This is why I have been relentlessly working to get Grow the Bone into the hands of every hunter that will try it. I believe in our product and know that after one time of using Grow the Bone, you will too! Our product will not only help build antler mass, but bring that big buck in for a shot. Safe Hunting!
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